Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Manifesto from the Common Household 10-year-old

We kids are treated as though we are toddlers.  We have no privelages of grown-ups.  They don’t understand.  While kids need guidance, they have no rights.  When kids get rights, they have no guidance.  I believe that kids should have both rights and guidance in their kid life. Of course, the grown-ups try to de-rail this by telling us that we’re lucky for what we have.  But, again, they don’t understand. Kids picture their lifestyle as the only lifestyle that can be.  Oh, sure, they know there are other lifestyles, but the message never really gets through.  

Anyways, the real meaning of that is to stop us from having rights and guidance.  I say, don’t do this!  Don’t let the grown-ups have the biggest piece of the pie!  I say, do what your parents do!  Follow them!  Be equal to them!  No longer be meaningless to the world!  Only give in if we lose our fight!

But don’t follow all of your parent’s examples.  For instance, don’t drink.  Don’t drive.  Don’t smoke.  Don’t kiss anyone else who’s a kid until you’re in high school.  Besides that, do what your parents do!  Sure, the law says you’re not allowed to vote, but laws can be changed! Hear me!  See my logic!  Kids are not just toddlers to be protected without rights, then left alone with rights!  We can stand by our parents’ side, doing as they!  Or we can continue going on with your either right-free or guidance-free life, never going along with the changes of the world.  Your choice.

I believe I have made my point.  I will go now.  But hear what I say, and remember it, for soon there will be an empire of people, grown-ups and children joined together at its head!

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Angie said...

Wow. Yes, I'm certain you will one day change the world.