Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day of School

I got up at 5:30 AM to make special blueberry streusel muffins for the first day of school. I figured the scent of baking would be a pleasant way to inspire my two high-schoolers to truly wake up for the occasion. Common Household Son took the bait, but CH Daughter abstained.

The day had an inauspicious start for the riders of Bus #4. Their mother (me) insisted on going for a walk just at the same time as they left for the bus, and, remarkably, on exactly the same path they take to the bus stop! This seemed to be a petty annoyance to my daughter, but was irrelevant to my son. Perhaps he was placated by the muffin. More likely he just didn't notice I was there. Just when we arrived at the bus stop, I felt a great need to stop and rest, at least until the bus came.

A gaggle of teenage girls arrived. We waited, and waited. After 20 minutes, no bus. Sigh. I trudged back home, got the car, and picked up my kids at the bus stop. The gaggle of girls declined my offer of a ride to school. It was 7 a.m. when we left the bus stop.

Half an hour later, after making my deliveries at the two different schools, I was back home just in time to wake up Ms. Grouch for elementary school. But she was grateful for the muffin, and managed to get ready with time to spare. Thankfully, her bus came on time.

And now it is 9:50 AM and I miss them already. But man, am I tired.

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Maureen Profeta said...

I'm tired just from reading about all that you did before 10am in the morning. Wow! And don't worry - they're all be back home before you know.